Tuesday 29 November 2016

Last chance tomorrow! Homme on viimane võimalus!

It's last chance until tomorrow,  November 30th 11:59pm US EST,  to grab some bargain Indie designer patterns during the GAL2016. After that we just knit-knit-crochet and chat-chat-chat.
There is still loads of lovely prizes for participants to win!
I'm going to pick a sock pattern to knit up. Which one of these?

Vanilla is the New Black 

Scullers Socks

Sideways Socks with Braids

Lady Una

The Yellow-Gartered Dude Abides

Quatre de carreau (4 of Diamonds)


Homme on viimane võimalus soetada soodushinnaga indie disainerite mustreid GAL2016 raames.
Peale seda ainult koo-koo-heegelda ja jutusta foorumis. Palju suurepäraseid auhindu saadaval!

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