Tuesday 29 January 2019

The Tulips KAL in Progress. Tulbisokkide kooskudumine kogub hoogu.

The Tulips KAL is going strong in Ravelry. Several knitters have completed the cuffs already. I got so inspired by looking at all colourful tulips popping up and couldn't resist, had to cast on another pair!
I chose all different colours for my tulips. Have you seen photos of tulips fields in Holland? That's where my inspiration came from. There is still plenty of time to join the KAL. Hop over to Ravelry group to see all beautiful tulips and join in. 


Tulbisokkide kooskudumine kogub hoogu. Paljudel kudujatel on sokisääred valmis. Vaadates kõiki neid erivärvilisi tulpe tärkamas ei suutnud ma vastu panna, ja otsustasin kududa veel ühe paari. Seekord inspireerisid mind fotod Hollandi värvikatest tulbiväljadest ja valisin tulpide jaoks erinevad värvid. Veel on aega kooskudumisega ühineda Ravelry grupis. Tule, imetle teiste tulpe ja koo kaasa!

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Flowerbed Crescent Test Knit.

The Flowerbed Stole pattern has been one of my most popular patterns. Every now and then knitters ask me to design a shawl in a different shape using the same stitch pattern. And finally it's here, the
💮Flowerbed Crescent💮!
The Flowerbed Crescent combines a delicate lace border with the modern shape of a crescent shawl cascading from your shoulders like a small capelet. Dress yourself up for an occasion or wear as a cover on sunny days. A little lace shawl can be surprisingly cozy even on chilly days!
The Flowerbed Crescent features a distinctive lace pattern with flowers and flower buds all over. The Crescent is worked bottom up in one piece. The pattern contains nupps, double nupps and gathered stitches well known in Estonian lace knitting. 

I'm looking for couple of ➡️➡️test knitters ⬅️⬅️working from written instructions. If you are interested please hop over to my Ravelry group and join in!

Sunday 20 January 2019

It's Time To Cast On Your Tulips Socks!

I'm really excited with the Tulips KAL! I just can't wait to see the Tulips pop up! 
If you just found this post you might want to find my previous post with all information about the KAL, timeline, yarns, needles etc. 
Come over to the Ravelry KAL thread for a chat and show off or follow #tulipsKAL in Instagram.

Thursday 17 January 2019

Come Join the Tulips KAL!

I've had a lot of lovely comments and likes on the Tulips in the Desert socks. Thank you all!
I would love to see these tulips pop up in every possible colour!
I decided to run a knit-a-long in Instagram and my Ravelry group

Welcome to join in!


 How do I join the KAL?
  • Ravelry

Join the Arella Seaton Design Ravelry group and register in the TulipsKAL thread. 
Choose your yarns and show off!

  • Instagram

Post your chosen yarns in your Instagram feed, tag me @arellaseatondesign and use the hashtag #tulipsKAL 
Do not forget to use these tags every time you post about the socks in IG, otherwise I might miss your post!

What do I need for KAL?

Skills: Colorwork, knitting in rounds, afterthought heel 

Yarn: Sock yarn. Fingering / 4 ply.  
Cascade Yarns Heritage, Malabrigo Yarn Sock or similar.  100 g / 3.5 oz. = 400 m / 436 yards;  
Approximate amounts depending on size: 
MC   50 – 70 g / 1.76 – 2.47 oz.  
CC1 (flowers) 8 – 12 g / 0.28 – 0.42 oz. 
CC2 (leaves)    15 – 17 g / 0.53 – 0.6 oz. 

Needles: 2.5 mm / US 1½ (working on single color) and 2.75 mm / US 2 (for colorwork), double point needles or circular needles, depending on your preferred method for small diameter circular knitting 

Notions:       • Stitch marker (removable, optional) 
                     • Waste yarn (approx. 100 cm / 40”, optional) 
                     • Two double pointed needles size 2.5 mm / US 1½ or smaller for picking up stitches for                         afterthought heel (optional) 
                     • Tapestry needle 

Size: S(M, L) 
Sock foot circumference unstretched  18(20, 22) cm / 7(7⅞, 8⅝)”. 
Size refers to sock foot circumference, length is adjustable.

Gauge: 33 stitches x 44 rounds = 10 x 10 cm / 4”x 4” in stockinette stitch on the smaller needles 

⏩ Do I need to purchase the pattern?

No, in this first stage you do not have to purchase the pattern. I will post the Cuff and Leg pattern for free on 20 January, so you can get started. 
You need to purchase the pattern later to keep going BUT I give you a generous discount.

What happens next?

Now is time to cast on! 
  • Work the Cuff and Leg 
  • Post a photo of Cuffs in Instagram and/or Ravelry KAL thread by 10 February 
  • I will send you a coupon code for 20% off on one of single patterns in my Ravelry store. Use it to get the Tulips in the Desert pattern OR if you got the pattern earlier you can get any other of my single patterns (ebooks not included). 
  • Work the Foot and Toe
  • Post a photo of Toes in Instagram and/or Ravelry KAL thread by 24 February 
  • I will send you a coupon code for 30% off on one of single patterns in my Ravelry store. 
  • Work the Heel
  • Post a photo of finished socks in Instagram and/or Ravelry KAL thread by 10 March 
  • I will send you a coupon code for 40% off on one of single patterns in my Ravelry store. 

  Enjoy your new socks!

Indie dyers! If you are interested in selling kits for this design, please contact me!

Saturday 12 January 2019

Tulips in the Desert - my new sock pattern. Uus sokimuster - Tulbid kõrbes.

How does one grow tulips in the desert? “With lots of love and care,” she answered.  
The same applies to you, dear knitter! When you love the look of the socks you can make your own with lots of love and care. 

It's hard to capture all these lovely bright colours when the weather is so dull in winter. They brightened up my long days of working on the pattern and knitting the socks. I got this gorgeous yellow speckled yarn at Yarningham last summer. I petted the skein and thought what it would like to become. Tiny red dots reminded me of a trip to the edge of Karakum desert a long time ago. It was springtime and tiny red tulips were blooming. I couldn't get the image out of my head, started drawing up tulip charts and knitting swatches. As you can see the initial idea was quite a bit different from the final. 

Lovely yellow sock yarn is dyed by The Yarn Lab Uk, color Dancing Giraffes. Lana will dye more of this wonderful sunny yarn and kits will be available in her Etsy store. Or just contact her to place an order.
I can vision the socks made in other colors too. Maybe have a light blue or lilac as the main color? What colors you would like to use? 
The pattern is available in my Ravelry store and there is an introductory discount 20% off (no coupon code required) until midnight, Monday, January 14 (UK time zone). 

I would very much love to see your socks!

Uus sokimuster - Tulbid kõrbes. Millest selline idee? Eks see ole lõngast inspireeritud! Ostsin selle kollase träpsulise lõnga möödunud suvel ja aina imetlesin neid säravaid, rõõmsaid värve. Minu pildistamise oskus ei anna kahjuks edasi seda sära. Kui mõtlesin, mis sellest lõngast teha, tuli meelde ammune reis Karakumi kõrbe servale. Oli aprillikuu ja pisikesed punased tulbid õitsesid. Nii ma hakkasin joonistama skeeme ja kuduma proovilappe. Esialgne idee oli üsna erinev lõpptulemusest.

Kollase lõnga nimi on Tantsivad Kaelkirjakud, ja selle on värvinud The Yarn Lab Uk . Poeomanik Lana lubas panna kokku mõned komplektid sokikudumiseks. Tasub kiigata tema Etsy poodi järgmisel nädalal, kui soovid sama lõnga kasutada.
Muster on saadaval my Ravelry poes ja kuni esmaspäeva hilisõhtuni on see 20% odavam.
Nii väga tahaks näha Sinu tulbisokke!

Thursday 10 January 2019

What's On My Needles? Mis on varrastel?

Flowerbed Stole is one of my older patterns. I've gained so much more experience in pattern writing now. Old charts were made in Excel, now I use StitchMastery for charts and written instructions. I'm going to rerelease the pattern with new charts, written out stitch pattern added, and I'll get it tech edited too. Everything for your best experience, dear knitter! I'm working on a swatch to make sure that new charts work. It's easy to make a mistake with these large charts. Some testers will give it a go too.

I'm working on a crescent shaped shawlette using the same motifs as well. It will take some time to knit up. If you would like to test knit the crescent, please sign up as a test knitter in my Ravelry group.

Flowerbed Stole on üks mu vanemaid mustreid. Kunagi sai seda koos kootud Isetegija foorumis. Nüüd võtsin ette mustri uuendamise, teen uued ja paremad skeemid. Samuti on plaanis samu motiive kasutada ja disainida sirbikujuline sall. 

Sunday 6 January 2019

Showing Off My Latest Knits.

I finally got a photo of my latest hat and mitts set. Looks good, ehh? I'm happy!

Lõpuks ometi sain ühe kiire klõpsu tehtud mütsist ja sõrmitutest koos. Päris kena, kas pole?

Tuesday 1 January 2019

A look back on 2018. Tagasivaade aastale 2018.

Looking back at recent years in my knitting life, there is not many big projects completed. According to Ravelry notebook, I've completed twenty projects last year. These days I knit just new design samples, some items for charity and made some projects for myself  during Indie GAL. I miss knitting sweaters and hope to make some on 2019. 

I released 13 new patterns on 2018, the same amount as a year before. One of my designs was published in I Like Knitting webzine. Hopes are even higher for the year to come. If  you would like to test knit for me, please click the Test Knitters tab above and sign up. 

Happy New Year my fellow knitters and friends!

Vaadates tagasi eelmisele aastale, oli see üks kudu-vaesemaid aastaid. Ravelrys on kirjas kakskümmend lõpetatud projekti, kõik väiksemad kudumid, mitte ühtki kampsunit ega tekki. Preagusel ajal koon põhiliselt uute disainide näidiseid, mõne asja heategevuseks, mõne endale Indie GAL käigus. Kampsunite kudumisest tunnen puudust, selle vea tahan uuel aastal parandada.

Uusi disaine sai avaldatud kolmteist, millest üks avaldati I Like Knitting veebiajakirjas. Ideid jätkub, loodan neid numbreid kasvatada. Kui soovid olla testkuduja, kliki ülal servas Test Knitters lingil, ja pane nimi kirja. 

Head uut kudu-aastat, armsad sõbrad!