Wednesday 23 August 2017

Get ready for sock-knitting season! Valmistu sokikudumise hooajaks!

I have an amazing offer for you!
I think we all knit most of our socks in autumn and winter. Socks make a great Christmas present. If you are not a knitter, you might know one and gift a pattern to her/him. Not to forget that Socktober is approaching fast. Knit all three eye-catching slip-stitch mosaic sock patterns. The patterns might look complicated but the beauty of mosaic cables is, that pattern knits up using just one of the strands at time, no need to carry both yarns along. 
Pick your colours and show off your beautiful socks!
Find Colourful Cabled sock patterns here: Kuusevõrsed, Ripe ‘n Ready and Blueberry Clouds Socks.
Get all three patterns just for $ 4.00 until the end of August.
Previous purchases are counted towards this promotion.
Isetegijatele on kaks mustrit tuttavad, nüüd on lisandunud veel üks. Augustikuu lõpuni on võimalik soetada kõik kolm mustrit vaid 4 USD eest. Mustrid on inglise keelsed. Vihjeks tasuta mustrite huvilistele, Kuusevõrsed on ka tasuta saadaval Knotions veebilehel. ;)

Sunday 20 August 2017

Walking on Clouds Socks. Veelkord sokkidest.

I re-published the Walking on Clouds Socks pattern. The lace is charted and now it's written out as well. The pattern got tested one more time. Look how many versions I've knitted! Lilac was the very first pair, I changed the lace pattern a bit later. I even tried stripy cuffs but ripped them off.
Which pair is your favourite? 

Sokimuster sai täiendust, sest leidub kudujaid, kes skeemi asemel armastavad "regivärssi". Uuesti testitud ka, sest mine sa tea, ma pole ju spetsialist "regivärsi" alal ;)
Niipalju kordi pole ma üht sokimustrit varem kudunud. Eksperimenteerisin ka triibulise soonikuga, aga see läks siiski harutamisele.
Milline on sinu lemmik sokipaar?

Saturday 19 August 2017

Yarn Whisperer Shawl. Sall Lõngavõlur.

Become a Yarn Whisperer!
Create an interesting, unique knitted fabric, using a variety of different yarns together. It is a great way to combine yarns in various gauges, thicknesses, colours, textures and fibres. Solid or multi-coloured, thin or thick, loopy, hairy, eyelash or ribbon – it’s possible to use them all to design your own exclusive piece. Use up some single skeins, left overs or odds and ends.

Ole Lõngavõlur, loo uus ja huvitav koepind, kasutades koos erinevaid lõngu. Suurepärane viis kombineerida erineva jämeduse, värvi ja struktuuriga lõngu. Ühevärviline, kirju, efektlõng, peenike, jäme, sile või karvane – kõike on võimalik kasutada ja luua omapärane kudum.
Seekord koome koos Mustrimaailmas. Tule kuduma!

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Tuesday 1 August 2017

Looking for test knitters. Otsin test-kudujaid.

Hi! I'm looking for test knitters for Frosty Rosebuds Shawl pattern.

Frost can create such wonderful patterns: delicate branched patterns of fern frost on windows or tiny white ice crystals on leaves, grass and wires. The Frosty Rosebuds shawl pattern is inspired by frost bitten rose buds in late autumn, when some of the petals turn brown and wrinkled and some petals are still colourful.
The shawl is knitted in one piece. The pattern is easily adaptable in width and length. The lace ribbon pattern between rosebuds needs more attention as the pattern is worked on wrong side rows as well.

Test is run in my Ravelry group here. 

Welcome to join in!