Saturday 17 September 2016

Ripe'n Ready Socks pattern now available in German.

Let's sock knitting season begin! 
The beauty of the slip-stitch mosaic pattern is that you knit just with one strand of yarn at time, do not need to carry on both yarns same time. That’s good, right? Choose you favourite colours. Why not to try variegated yarn and match it with solid one or go for monochromatic.

Ripe'n Ready Socks pattern now available in German.
Thank you to Brigitte for translating the pattern.

Wednesday 14 September 2016

No Purl Crescent Shawlette pattern now available in German.

No Purl Crescent Shawlette pattern now available in German. 

I would like to show off some shawls knitted by my lovely testers.
Disou's shawlette knitted in Alize Angora Gold Simli. It has stellina in it, how nice!

Anvitasinha1 shawlette is knitted in Indian Silk. Looks great in variegated yarn, isn't it?

A million thanks to Brigitte for the translation, such a pleasure to work with you!

Saturday 10 September 2016

Pitsilised Koekirjad a. k. a. Project of the Year 2016/9. Pitsilised Koekirjad ehk Suur Tegu 2016/9.

Next seven squares for my project are ready, 48 all together now.
All of them can be seen on my Ravelry project page or in the blog, tag PitsilisedKoekirjad

Only problem I had occurred with the chart number 12 where row numbers didn't make much sense. So I looked at the photo and and added a knit row between each row in the chart, all wrong side rows - purl.
I experimented with the pattern number XV knitting one half of the square replacing some knit stitches with purl ones. Quite different appearance, isn't it?


Järgmised seitse ruutu on valmis, kokku 48. Kõiki seni valminud ruute saab näha mu Ravelry lehel või blogis sildiga PitsilisedKoekirjad.

Seekord vigu rohkem ei tuvastanud, kui ainult mustris nr. 12. Reanumbrid ei klapi, ja foto järgi vaadates peab iga mustrirea vahel olema parempidine rida (raamatufotol on ühes kohas see ka kudumata jäänud).

Mustrit nr. XV kududes eksperimenteerisin veidi, asendades poole lapi kudumisel osad parempidised silmused pahempidistega. Mulje kohe muutub.