Sunday 30 December 2018

I have a New Pattern for You, Thanks to the GAL! Uus muster, tänu GAL'ile.

Let's Twist Again Mitts

I feel a bit guilty I did not post about The Indie Design Gift-a-Long GAL back in November when the event was kicked off. Did you participate? I had big changes going on in personal life and I didn't find my writing mojo back then. The event will end tomorrow midnight. Hopefully, it all starts again next November!

If you never heard of the GAL you better head over to Ravelry and find out. Basically, it's a big knit/crochet party where knitters and indie designers get together to celebrate, chat, play games and work together. It was my third year to participate as a knitter and designer. I knitted several projects and even won some prizes in games. 

Besides all the fun and knitting there was another, quite unexpected, outcome for me too. I made the Twisted Fall hat, fell in love with the stitch pattern, had some yarn left over from the hat and decided to design matching fingerless mitts. Yes, I asked the designer, does she have any plans to design mitts. No, she does not. I actually own a book containing the stitch pattern, so it's not like I used hers.

As you can see below my initial version of the mitts was slightly different from the final.
I am really happy how the mitts turned out and knitters seem to like them too.

If you would like to knit a pair of fingerless mitts, please get the pattern now. By the way, the pattern is  25% off (no coupon code required) until midnight, Wednesday, January 2 (UK time zone).

Twisted Fall Hat

Ma tunnen end natuke süüdlasena, et varem ei kirjutanud GAL'ist. Kes on mu blogi jälginud, ehk mäletavad kahet eelmist aastast, kui osa võtsin. Juba kuuendat aastat toimub Ravelry Indie Design Gift-a-Long grupis üritus, kui kudujad ja indie disainerid kokku saavad, lobisevad, koovad/ heegeldavad ja aasta lõppu tähistavad. Igasugused mängud ja loosimised toimuvad ka, ning auhindu jagub enamikule osavõtjatele. Võibolla võtsid ka Sina osa? Kui mitte sel aastal, siis ehk järgmisel?

Mina kudusin GALi jooksul mitu paari susse ja mütsi. Mütsi muster hakkas meeldima, ja kuna lõnga oli üle, otsustasin sama mustriga sõrmitud kindad kududa. See oli üsna ootamatu tulemus, kuna mul polnud mingit plaani mustrit avaldada GALi jooksul. Twisted Fall mütsi disainis Aet Terasmaa. Kindaid sain mitu korda harutada enne, kui lõpliku variandini jõudsin. Tulemuse üle olen õnnelik, ja tundub, et meeldib paljudele.

Muster on 25% odavam kuni 2. jaanuari keskööni. 


Saturday 27 October 2018

Shawls, shawls.

The Soul of Spring shawl pattern is finally released. I'm really happy it's done and turned out as I imagined. I had quite a lot of trouble to get all increases, decreases and short rows right. I lost count how many times I ripped it back and re-knit, all for the better result. I was recommended just to give up. I let it rest a while, then picked up again. Yes, I swatched several times, but can't see everything on a small swatch. The shawl has a modern shape of shallow, elongated triangle, combined with vintage lace border. What makes it special, is the way, how the lace is attached to the body. All is worked in one piece, no picking up stitches.

Look out for beautiful shawls, made by test knitters, in Ravelry. Lovely colour choices!

* * *
Mul on väga hea meel, et Kevadsall on lõpuks valmis ja muster saadaval. Selle salliga oli tööd palju, et saada kõik kasvatused-kahandused ja lühendatud rea jooksma just nii, nagu tahtsin. Harutamist jätkus! Tegin küll mitu tööproovi, kuid sellestki jäi väheks. Sallil on omapärane kuju, võrdhaarne nürinurkne kolmnurk, kootud diagonaalis. Erilisust lisab viis, kuidas äärepits on kohe külge kootud.

Testkudujate toredaid salle saab näha Ravelrys.

Next one is the Blue Surf Shawl. You might remember it from earlier, it was published in I Like Knitting back in March. I'm getting ready re-releasing it for purchase through my Ravelry store. I would love to have some projects linked to the pattern. If you would like to test-/beta-knit the shawl, please let me know. I hope we can start next weekend.

* * * 
Blue Surf sallimuster ilmus märtsikuus I Like Knitting veebiajakirjas. Nüüd on muster valmis avaldamiseks mu Ravelry poes. Tore oleks lisada mõned projektid, ja testida (või moodsal viisil beta-kududa) mustrit. Kui soovid olla "katsejänes", anna palun teda. Loodetavasti saab testi alustada nädalapärast. 

Saturday 20 October 2018

Swatch Warriors - all new pattern shop!

Swatch Warriors is all new, exclusive pattern shop dedicated to hunting down the best Indie crochet and knitting patterns. New patterns get added daily. 
Come and have a look!
Thanks Yurika, for letting me be part of the community!

Friday 5 October 2018

Awesomeness of Being a Knitwear Designer. Nii vähe ongi õnneks vaja.

I love seeing what people have made from my patterns. It is so rewarding to see the beautiful items worked in different colours, yarns, worn. I even love when a pattern is adapted, you've got creative and I get new ideas and inspiration.
If you share your project, made of my pattern, in social media, please tag me, otherwise I might miss it. 
Thank you! 

Ski Moguls Mitts made by Inga-s

Bouquet Mitts made by grankaG

Tiptoe Through the Daisies made by Tsirkusemoor
Mulle väga meeldib näha esemeid, mis on kootud minu mustrite järgi. See on suurim autasu näha värvide mängu ja teada, et muster töötab. Isegi kuduja poolt tehtud muudatused on toredad, sinu fantaasia lendab ja mina saan uusi ideid! 
Kui jagad oma töid, kootud minu mustri järgi, Facebookis või Instagramis, palun tag'i mind, muidu ma kahjuks tihti ei näegi su tööd.
Aitäh kudumast!

Friday 28 September 2018

Paradise Bay Shawlette.

Design ideas come to me, inspired by a yarn, stitch pattern, architecture, nature, can't name all. The Paradise Bay Shawlette pattern just came together by itself. It was a fast and pleasurable process. I purchased the yarn at Yarningham on July 14, and on 25th the shawl was ready. Getting the pattern ready for publishing took more time. I was surprised myself, I don't work so fast usually. Some patterns take a year or more to come together.
When I bought the yarn, I didn't have a clear idea, what it wants to be. Petting that pretty skein of merino and silk blend yarn, browsing stitch dictionaries and Pinterest ideas started to flow in. That time I was obsessed by slipped stitches, worked up several swatches and decided to use them in the shawl pattern, to create weaves in a blue lagoon.  
To see the wonderful shawls made by test knitters and to purchase the pattern please click HERE.

Mõni muster kirjutab end ise. See sall sündis kiiresti. Lõnga ostsin 14. juulil, ja 25ndal oli sall valmis. Tavaliselt ma nii kiire pole. Mõned lõngad ootavad aastaid oma saatust, mõnd mustrit kirjutan kuude kaupa. Ju see lõng oli nii inspireeriv. Silitasin seda mõnusat meriino-siidisegust lõngatokki, sirvisin mustreid ja ideed tulid. Olin just kudunud mitmeid tööproove ületõstetud silmustega, lõngajooksud ees, ning otsustasin need lisada pitsile. Tahtsin küll saada veidi lainelisemat efekti, kuid olen rahul. 
Testkudujate kauneid salle saab näha SIIN, samuti ka soetada mustrit. 

Friday 14 September 2018

Test knit!

I am looking for couple of more test knitters! 
Are you interested? Please head over to my Ravelry group where the test takes place. 

The Soul of Spring Shawl is designed for an adventurous knitter, using several techniques to keep you on your toes throughout. The main body of the shawl is a shallow, elongated, isosceles triangle, worked in bias. The shawl is worked from side to side starting at one side of the wingspan, with the border knitted as you go using intarsia and short rows in the second half of the shawl. There is minimal finishing, no picking up stitches, and the length can be adjusted easily to suit your taste.

Koome koos: Õitsva kannaga sokid.

Tule Mustrimaailma kooskudumisele! 
Muster nüüd ka eesti keeles.

Saturday 8 September 2018

Ski Moguls Fingerless Mitts.

I have to confess, some years ago I didn't get the fuzz about fingerless mitts. What are they good for? That's my fingers what get cold, not palms?! Anyway, I decided to knit a pair and see, do I like them as much as others say, or not. The result is, I'm addicted! I love them so much! They are great to wear in cool weather when I go for a walk. When I check my phone, I don't need to take gloves off! The shorter version is good to wear when I'm typing in a laptop or even knitting. By now, I have four fingerless mitts patterns published!

The first pair of the Ski Moguls mitts pattern was born, when I got some gorgeous yarn from my relative, who's neighbour is spinning yarn from her own sheep fleeces, adding some alpaca (Broome by The Spinning Potter in Facebook). I designed the pattern while the Olympic Winter Games were held in PyeongChang. I was working on the pattern and posted a photo of the work in progress on Instagram, asking people what the pattern reminded them of. ”Ski moguls” was one of the answers, clearly influenced by the Olympics. (See photo above).

I made the second pair for charity, using wool and acrylic blend yarn. 

The Ski Moguls pattern was published today, and I have some great offers to share!

Enjoy the special 30% off on Ski Moguls pattern. No coupon code required.


Spend just $10 and get four fingerless mitts patterns!
Kureparved, Bouquet Fingerless Mitts, Fingerless Tree Trunks, and Ski Moguls
Previous purchases can be counted towards this promotion.

Both offers will end on Sunday midnight, 16 September (UK time zone).

All my fingerless mitts patterns can be found HERE .

Mõned aastad tagasi ma sõrmitutest kinnastest ei hoolinud. Ma ei saanud aru, milleks nad head on? Mul ju sõrmed külmetavad, mitte käelabad? Kudusin ühe paari, lihtsalt prooviks, ja olen sõltuvuses! Jaheda ilmaga nii hea kanda, ja ei pea kindaid käest võtma, et telefoni näppida. Kannan neid vahel isegi toas, kui arvutis tipin. Tõesti sõrmed pole nii külmad, kui käelaba soojas. 

Nüüdseks on mul juba neli sõrmitute mustrit kirja pandud. Täna sai joon alla tõmmatud Ski Moguls mustrile. Ma ei teagi, kuidas see tõlkes on? Igaljuhul muster sai nime viimaste olümpiamängude ajal, sest meenutas neid väikesi künkaid, miski uus suusatamise hullus vist.  Kas keegi teab eestikeelset nimetust? 

Momendil on muster saadaval 30% odavamalt. Ja kui soovid kõiki nelja mustrit, siis praegu saab need ainult 10 USD eest (+käibemaks). Pakkumine kehtib kuni 16. septembrini. 

Sunday 2 September 2018

Fairisle 5.

Just a quick update. Finished Chart D , working on Chart C. 

I had a great time visiting my mother-in-law and knitting together. She's an amazing lady, 93 years old, going strong, and knitting without glasses. She is knitting poppies for a charity event at the local church.

Lõpetasin skeemi D, nüüd töötan skeemi C kallal.

Külastasin meheema, kudusime koos. Ta on 93 aastane, ikka käbe, ja koob prillideta! Momendil koob ta mooniõisi kohaliku kiriku heategevusürituse jaoks. Lubas umbes 30 lille teha. Imeline naine!

Thursday 30 August 2018

Fairisle 4.

I've finished the chart B. I'll skip the C for now, I'm on holiday and haven't got longer needles with me. I'll proceed to the chart D, it's small, with a motif in the centre. I'm not sure, should I bring the yarn used for the motif, to the edge of the piece or not? 

Lõpetasin skeemi B. Jätan preagu skeemi C vahele, oleks vaja pikemaid vardaid, mida mul momendil käepärast pole. Hakkan kuduma skeemi D, see on väike. Skeemi D keskel on motiiv, ja ma pole päris kindel, kas peaksin kirjalõnga kuni servani kaasa vedama, või jätma ta ootele, kuni tagasi koon. Hmm, pole just parim selgitus. Kui pildi teen, saab ehk paremini aru, mis toimub.

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Sunday 26 August 2018

Fairisle 2.

Update on my progress. There is a million ends to weave in. Some of them I knit in, some weave with a needle. They get in my way otherwise.
My gauge gets bit tighter as I progress,  need to try and keep it even.

Olen veidi edusamme teinud, ja kudum kasvab tasapisi. Peidan otsi töö käigus, sest need hakkasid segama. Ja pärast vähem tööd. Mõned otsad koon sisse, mõned ajan nõelaga. 
Veidi olen hädas ühtlase pinge hoidmisega, kude kipub tihedamaks minema.

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Fairisle Workshop. Fairisle kudumise töötuba.

Being a knitter might be a quite lonely business. Usually, I don't mind at all, but from time to time it would be nice to meet like-minded people. I've been looking for knitting groups in my area but haven't found yet. When I found out about Marie Wallin workshops not far from me, I got excited. I decided to attend the Fairisle Abstract Cushion workshop. 

My colourwork knitting skills are not great. I think I was about 14 years old when we had to knit a pair of mittens at school. All I can remember how slow I was, one row seemed to take an eternity! My mum helped me out. Later on, I've knitted several pairs of mittens, a couple of pairs gloves and socks, even a tank-top in colourwork for my daughter. The top took a long time and I didn't manage to keep even tension throughout to work. So tips and tricks of the trade from the master are very welcome. 

The day workshops are held at the picturesque Brooksby Hall in Leicestershire. The time just flows by knitting, chatting and admiring Marie's beautiful knitwear. 
I've read about dominant colour in stranded knitting. It was interesting to hear, that Marie does not believe in the dominant colour in fairisle knitting. Another great tip about knitting fairisle flat, back and forth, the last stitch of the row should be knit both yarns used held double. That way you bring both yarns to the end of the row. 
I compared my work with the original cushion. My gauge was looser. It doesn't matter much in this case, just the cushion is going to be bit bigger. Ladies working next to me got much tighter gauge, tighter than original. 
I'm looking forward to taking more workshops!

Kuduja elu võib olla üksildane, kui pole samade huvidega seltskonda võtta. Üldiselt ma sellepärast pead ei valuta, kuid vahel oleks ju vahva teiste kudujatega kohtuda. Kui leidsin, et Marie Wallin korraldab töötubasid mitte kaugel minu elukohast, oli plaan valmis. Otsustasin fairisle padja töötoa kasuks. Esiteks, ma pole eriti tugev kirjatud kudumite alal, ja teiseks, ma olen kudunud ringselt, kuid mitte edasi-tagasi. 
Arvan, et olin umbes 14-aastane, kui koolis pidi kirjatud käpikud kuduma. Kas keegi mäletab, mis klassis neid kooti seitsmekümnendatel? Minu mälestustes on ainult lõputud read. Ühe vardatäie kudumine võttis igaviku. Midagi ma ikka tegin ise ka, kuid ema aitas välja. Hilisemas elus olen mõned kindapaarid kudunud, isegi mõned kirjatud sõrmikud, sokid ja vesti. 

Töötoast jäi kõrvu huvitav fakt, et Marie ei usu värvi domineerimisse fairisle kudumis. Olen ju lugenud, et domineeriv värv peaks kogu aeg pealt jooksma. Ainus põhjus, miks üks lõng jookseb kogu aeg pealt, teine alt, on Marie sõnade järgi, et lõngad keerdu ei läheks. Kahevärvilise kudumi puhul on ehk domineeriv värv olemas, kuid fairisle kasutab palju värve. Teine nipp, mis kõrvu jäi, koo rea viimane silmus, hoides mõlemat kasutatud lõnga koos. Nii tood mõlemad lõngad rea lõppu. Eks neid nippe oli veelgi.
Kõrvutasin oma tööd originaal padjaga. Minu oma on lõdvemalt kootud, kuid padja puhul see pole nii oluline.
Igati kordaläinud, tore pühapäev oli!

Thursday 16 August 2018

Fingerless Mittens. Sõrmitud.

I knitted a new sample of my Fingerless Tree Trunks mitts. Previous sample was worked with variegated yarn and didn't show off the pattern well. This new version is so much better! I love the colour. Yarn itself is a cheap acrylic and wool mix. My local yarn shop does not carry nice yarns. I will donate this pair for charity, so it's ok to use acrylic for easy wash and care. 

Mitmed mu lugejad ilmselt tunnevad selle mustri ära. Kunagi sai Isetegijas salaja koos kootud Kännukaid. Tookord kudusin kirjust lõngast, mis mustrit hästi välja ei näidanud. Nüüd tegin uue paari , mille annetan heategevuseks Mustrimaailma foorumi kaudu. Lõnga värv on meeldiv, kuid lõng ise akrüülisegune, küllalt lõdva keeruga. 

Once I was set up taking photos of the new mitts, I took a chance to take new photos of previous mitts too. Here are the Bouquet Mitts ...

Kui uus paar sõrmituid sai pildile püütud, tegin mõned uued pildid ka vanematest kinnastest. Siin on Bouquet Mitts ...

... and here are the Kureparved Mitts.

... ja siin on Kureparved, mida sai koos Mustrimaailma VIPidega kootud.

Actually there was fourth pair of mitts as well, brand new ones, but I don't show them yet. If you are curious, go to my Ravelry group and look for the test knit about to start.


Tegelikult oli veel neljas paar, millest sai pilte tehtud, kuid siin ma neid veel ei näita. Kui oled uudishimulik, leia mu Ravelry grupis algav testkudumine.

Saturday 11 August 2018

Pitsilised Koekirjad a. k. a. Project of the Years 2016-18 / 15. Pitsilised Koekirjad ehk Suur Tegu 2016-18 / 15.

It's been a while since I posted about my progress on the project knitting the patterns from the Pitsilised Koekirjad, an old Estonian stitch dictionary from 1986. I get distracted by ideas for new designs of my own and see them as a priority at a time. I'm not too worried about slow progress, as I knew from the very beginning, I'll take my time. It is a great way to learn more about lace, improve my technique, explore how appearances can change by changing just knit to purl for example.

The next five squares for my project are ready; 88 of them in total now. 
All of them can be seen on my Ravelry project page or in the blog, tag PitsilisedKoekirjad

How my project began


Viimasest postitusest samal teemal on hulga aega möödas. Kui Isetegija koostegemise raames selle projektiga alustasin, teadsin üsna alguses, et aastaga ma valmis ei jõua. Saan palju inspiratsiooni muude disainide jaoks sellest lapikudumisest, eksitab rajalt ;) Preagu on mu huviorbiidis kudumite disainimine, sel tegevusel on eesõigus, sest lihtsalt nii huvitav on!
Järgmised viis ruutu valmisid puhkusel olles, nüüd on kokku 88. Kõiki seni valminud ruute saab näha mu Ravelry lehel või blogis sildiga PitsilisedKoekirjad.

Kes on unustanud mu projekti algusloo, siis leiab selle siit.

Working on this sample, I changed some purls to knits and all appearance changed. 


Selle mustri kudumisel tegin väikese muudatuse, osad pahempidised silmused kudusin parempidi, ja üldilme muutus tihedamaks.

Similar columns to the previous pattern worked in a different way.


Sarnased sambad, kui eelmises mustris, kootud erineval moel.

Did you notice a slight difference in the pattern on top and bottom halves of the sample? There are purled columns between yo's and decreases, on the top half, they are worked tbl.


Kas märkad väikest erinevust mustris? Ülemises osas on osad pahempidised silmused kootud keerdus.

Looking at this pattern photo in the book and the chart provided, I noticed a mistake. On the photo, you can see purl rows, but they are not charted. I really like the look with purled rows added. 


Selles mustris olevad pahempidised read on näha raamatufotol, kuid puuduvad skeemis. 
Minumeelest teevad need pahempidised read mustri huvitavamaks.

Monday 6 August 2018

How to straighten the yarn. Kuidas harutatud lõnga sirgendada.

 I've been working on a shawl design for several months, frogging and knitting again and again. I didn't like how decreases looked sloppy. I thought maybe (maybe! hopefully!) it will block out, so I blocked the shawl halfway. Still didn't like the look. Had to frog again and use different decreases.


Juba mitu kuud töötan välja üht sallidisaini. Koon ja harutan! Mulle ei meeldinud, kuidas kahandused välja nägid. Lootsin, et ehk peale pesu ja pingutamist on kenam. Pesin-pingutasin pooliku salli, kuid ikka ei meeldinud. Seega tuli jälle harutada ja uuesti kududa, kasutades teist kahandusvõtet.

After washing, blocking and frogging, the yarn was all curly. I knew it will not knit up nicely, still had to try. Why? You can see in the photo below how right and left side looks different. It's quite impossible to get tension right.


Pestud esemest harutatud lõng on krussis, ja ilusat kudumit sellest ei saa. Alumisel fotol on näha, kuidas harutatud lõngast kootud vasak pool on palju koledam.

So I frogged again! Then made hanks and tied them with scrap yarn in several places. 
Make sure the scrap yarn wouldn't bleed!


Harutasin jälle. Lõngakera tuleb vihiks kerida ja mitmest kohast kinni siduda. 
Sidumiseks kasutatud lõng ei tohi värvi anda!

Soak hanks about half an hour. You can see how the yarn relaxes already.

Leota lõngavihte umbes pool tundi. Juba on näha, kuidas lõng sirgeneb.

Squeeze out the water. Hang hanks up to dry, with some weight attached, to help to straighten the yarn. 


Pigista liigne vesi välja. Riputa vihid kuivama. Lisaraskus (nt riidepuu) aitab sirgestamisele kaasa.

And it's done! Looks like new!


Valmis! Nagu uus!