Tuesday, 16 April 2019

What's On My Needles? Mis on varrastel?

My recent posts have been about mosaic knitting. I love how easy it is to knit, love to play with colors and create charts. Mosaic socks are finished and blocked, the pattern needs some final touches, test knit is going well. It's time to get ready for the pattern release.

Meantime I decided to use up the leftover yarn from socks and knit a pair of my Bouquet Fingerless Mitts for charity. When I started to work with Katia Seta Tweed yarn I wasn't sure I like it, it's rustic, not very smooth and no elasticity due to silk content. After washing the socks I love the yarn much more, now it's smoother and so soft! 

On the third photo are all the mosaic blocks I've knit so far. Aren't they cute all together? There are two slightly different Butterfly patterns. I'll post the charts soon and write about how I experimented knitting them. 

What is your favourite project out of three? What you would like to know more about these projects?

Nagu näed, olen ikka veel mosaiik mustrite lainel. Neid on lihtne kududa, huvitav on katsetada värvikombinatsioone ja luua uusi skeeme. Mosaiiksokid on valmis, pestud ja venitatud. Testkudumine edeneb jõudsalt. Veel veidi, ja saab mustri Ravelrysse üles laadida.

Sokikudumisest jäi lõnga üle, sellest koon oma Lillekimbu mustrilisi sõrmituid Mustrimaailma heategevuse jaoks. Kui Katia Seta Tweed lõngast sokke hakkasin kuduma, polnud ma kindel, kuidas see lõnga mulle meeldib, kuidagi vähe elastne ja ebaühtlane. Peale pesu on lõng palju ühtlasem ja pehmem, meeldib hulga rohkem. 

Kolmandal fotol on kõik siiani valminud piltmustritega lapid koos. Armas, kas pole? Liblikamustrit pole ma veel blogisse lisanud, tuleb varsti. Kirjutan hiljem pikemalt, mis lugu nende liblikatega oli.

Mis on Sinu lemmik projekt neist kolmest? Millest tahaksid rohkem teada?

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Which Gusset, Which Heel? Milline kannakiil, milline kand?

Decisions! At first I knit the gusset in stockinette stitch.

The gauge is different for stockinette and mosaic pattern, that's why I tried to work the gusset in garter stitch and then in mosaic pattern, as the sole is. Which option is the best?
What color to choose for the heel flap?

Esialgu kudusin kannakiilu parempidises koes. See pole parim variant, jääb veidi lokkima, sest parempidise koe ja mosaiikmustri kudumise tihedus on erinev. Ripskoeline kiil on veidi parem. Kolmas võimalus on kududa kannakiil sama mustriga, kui tallal. 
Milline variant on parim?

Monday, 8 April 2019

Mmm...Mosaic Socks Test Knit.

As you know, I designed a mosaic sock pattern for a Mystery Knit-a-Long in an Estonian knitting forum. The pattern is translated into English and tech edited, time to run a test knit. I've made slight changes in the English version. I got some ideas and advice from mystery knitters. 
Would you like to test knit these socks for me?
The test is open in my Ravelry group.
Welcome to join in!
See you there!

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Welcome to Ripe 'n Ready Socks KAL .

HiyaHiya Free & Fun group in Ravelry runs free KALs all the time. If you are fan of KALs, welcome to join in! I donated my Ripe 'n Ready sock pattern for the April-May sock KAL. There are some simple rules to follow, nothing complicated. Join the KAL, get a free  pattern and win prizes!

Monday, 1 April 2019

Socken Auf Zehenspitzen durch die Gänseblümchen.

Good news to my German friends! The Tiptoe Through the Daisies pattern is now available in German language, translated by Nicole,  Baccara in Ravelry. She kindly agreed to provide pattern support in German too. 
If you need a translation from English to German or German to English, please contact Nicole through her website The Bold Ewe. Despite I don't speak German myself, I can highly recommend her, always there for you and quick to respond. How do I know the translation was good? I asked for a second opinion, just because I happened to be Nicole's first client and we both were happy to get someone's approvement. I will definitely use her services again.

The pattern is available in Ravelry and  LoveKnitting.

Hope you enjoy!