Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Looking for test knitters. Otsin test-kudujaid.

Hi! I'm looking for test knitters for Frosty Rosebuds Shawl pattern.

Frost can create such wonderful patterns: delicate branched patterns of fern frost on windows or tiny white ice crystals on leaves, grass and wires. The Frosty Rosebuds shawl pattern is inspired by frost bitten rose buds in late autumn, when some of the petals turn brown and wrinkled and some petals are still colourful.
The shawl is knitted in one piece. The pattern is easily adaptable in width and length. The lace ribbon pattern between rosebuds needs more attention as the pattern is worked on wrong side rows as well.

Test is run in my Ravelry group here. 

Welcome to join in!

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