Thursday, 10 January 2019

What's On My Needles? Mis on varrastel?

Flowerbed Stole is one of my older patterns. I've gained so much more experience in pattern writing now. Old charts were made in Excel, now I use StitchMastery for charts and written instructions. I'm going to rerelease the pattern with new charts, written out stitch pattern added, and I'll get it tech edited too. Everything for your best experience, dear knitter! I'm working on a swatch to make sure that new charts work. It's easy to make a mistake with these large charts. Some testers will give it a go too.

I'm working on a crescent shaped shawlette using the same motifs as well. It will take some time to knit up. If you would like to test knit the crescent, please sign up as a test knitter in my Ravelry group.

Flowerbed Stole on üks mu vanemaid mustreid. Kunagi sai seda koos kootud Isetegija foorumis. Nüüd võtsin ette mustri uuendamise, teen uued ja paremad skeemid. Samuti on plaanis samu motiive kasutada ja disainida sirbikujuline sall. 


  1. Mis on varrastel? No ma näen ju küll, et seal on midagi ilusat valmimas ja lisaks on varrastel veel imetoredad Pandad! :)

  2. Varrastel on proovilapp ja pandad :D