Saturday, 26 November 2016

Some wonderful garments from GAL2016. Mõned pilkupüüdvad kampsunid.

Pinterest board for all sweaters & other garments is here.
I picked some of my favourites from participating designers, not all on sale though. I probably not going to knit any of them during the GAL as I'm quite a slow knitter. Still I can admire and dream, maybe one day ...

Pixelated Pullover

Twig Sweater


Mishigami Pullover


Dealla Cardigan

Sweet Chilly

Jagged Little Stripe

Minu lemmikud pilkupüüdvad kampsunid GAL-is osalevatelt disaineritelt. Kõik pole küll soodushinnaga saadaval. Esialgu ainult imetlen.

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  1. See esimene on mu lemmik ja mõned muudki selle disaineri kudumid, väga hea värvitaju!