Friday, 15 May 2020

New Pattern, New Test Knitting. Uus muster, uus testkudumine.

The third pattern from the Sock Doodles series is released on Ravelry and going to be available on LoveCrafts shortly. For this Hearty Steps socks, I used less than 50 grams of self-striping sock yarn, Drops Fabel in Sunset colourway, and some solid leftover yarns. The heart pattern was created by slipping the stitches when working two rows in one colour, two rows in another colour. No need to carry both yarns same time! Easy-peasy!

Kolmas muster mosaiik sokimustrite peres on Hearty Steps. Seekord kasutasin isetriibutavat sokilõnga Drops Fabel koos ühevärviliste lõngajääkidega. Kaks rida on kootud ühe lõngaga, kaks teisega, samal ajal moodustub südamemuster kudumata üle tõstetud silmustest. Nii lihtne see ongi, pole mingit kahe lõngaga korraga mässamist! 

Next up is a new test knitting, the intarsia blanket/afghan. I've shown it before as a MKAL project. This time I opened the test knitting in English. If you are interested in testing the pattern, please join in HERE.

The Elly’s afghan/blanket was inspired by abstract geometric art. I find geometric abstraction very eyecatching and as a knitter, very knittable. After examing several paintings, I started to experiment with shapes and figuring out the movement of the lines, before I came up with my design.

Also, the pattern can be used for making a wall hanging instead of a blanket. Why not use finer yarn and different fibre, like cotton or acrylic for smaller wall decoration?

Working in intarsia is fairly easy for an advanced beginner who is comfortable with the basic knit and purl stitches. You just have to be careful and organized working from 7-9 skeins simulatneously.

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  1. Väga kenad sokid!
    Ma isegi ei õhka ega ohka enam, et .. kui vaid (!)
    Mis läinud see läinud - see minu kunagine värskendava tuuleiilina mõjunud käsitöö tegemise ind ja rõõm. Vähemasti vaatamise ja imetlemise rõõm on alles jäänud ja aitäh, et ikka põhjust annad selle tunde toitmiseks!