Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Moira Furnace. Moira rauasulatusahi.

Moira rauasulatusahi - üks huvitav koht, mida külastada. Toormaterjali ja valmistoodangut veeti pargastel mööda kanaleid. Ülevalt, üle silla läks toormaterjal sisse, teisest hoone otsast voolas sularaud välja. Sulatusahi töötas küllaltki lühikest aega. Ühel päeval pandi töö lihtsalt seisma. Täpset põhjust ei teatagi, miks.

Interesting place to visit Moira Furnace. Moira Furnace was a coke-fuelled, steam-engine blown blast furnace for the smelting of iron from local iron ore, with an attached foundry for the manufacture of cast-iron goods. Moira Furnace is one of the few remaining blast furnaces from this period of innovation -because it was a commercial failure. Had it been successful then it is highly likely that over time the site would have developed and the first furnace replaced.

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