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Fingerless Mitts Pattern - Bay of Biscay 2.

Jogless stripes.
Photo: Robin Seaton

Part 1 of the pattern is HERE.


Make two, one Right, one Left. Pay attention on rounds worked differently for right and left hand, marked as RH or LH, if not marked then work the same way for both hands. 
Using preferred method for small circumference and MC, cast on 48(52, 56) sts. Distribute sts across needles and join for working in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches. Attach a marker to note the BOR. 

Rnds 1 – 12, MC: (K1, p1) x 24(26, 28). 48(52, 56) sts. 

Attach CC. 

RH, Rnds 13 - 14, CC: K7, (p1, k3) x 4, p1, k24(28, 32). 

LH, Rnds 13 - 14, CC: K24(28, 32), (p1, k3) x 4, p1, k7. 

Work the EMC Pattern using the Chart or Written Pattern on the top of the hand maintaining established St st on remaining sts as follows:  

RH, Rnd 15, MC: K7, EMC x 4, p1, k24(28,32). 

LH, Rnd 15, MC: K24(28, 32), EMC x 4, p1, k7. 
Remember to change colour at every 2nd BOR through EMC section, and to use the jogless technique. 

Eyelet Mock Cable Rib 

Rnd 1, MC: P1, k3. (4 sts) 
Rnd 2, MC: P1, sl1 pw, k1, yo, k1, psso.  
Rnd 3, CC: P1, sl1, k1, sl1.  
Rnd 4, CC: P1, k3. 

AT THE SAME TIME, work the gusset between sts markers as follows: 

RH, Rnd 16, MC: K7, EMC x 4, p1, k7, PM1, m1r, k1, m1l, PM2, k16(20, 24). 50(54, 58) sts. 

LH, Rnd 16, MC: K16(20, 24), PM1, m1r, k1, m1l, PM2, k7, EMC x 4, p1, k7. 50(54, 58) sts. 

Increase one st on right side of the gusset after marker 1 and one st on left side of the gusset before marker 2 every fourth round (Rnd 2 of EMC) and work sts between the markers in St st until there are 15(17, 19) sts between markers.  62(68, 74) sts. 

Work three more rounds in pattern without increases. On the next round place 15(17, 19) gusset stitches between the markers 1 & 2 on holder, cast on 5 sts.  52(56, 60) sts.   

Photo: Robin Seaton

Will be continued...

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