Thursday, 15 February 2018

Fractured Rib Scarf.

It does not happen very often I work in bulky yarn. This time I came up with three items! I posted the Lumepilve hat and scarf a week ago. I just had to knit the Fractured Rib scarf too. When I searched my stitch dictionaries for the patterns, I could not choose between two.
Which one do you like the best, Lumepilve or Fractured Rib?

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Ma ei koo väga tihti jämeda lõngaga. Seekord juhtus nii, et valmisid kaks salli ja müts. No lihtsalt ei suutnud valida, kumb muster meeldib rohkem, kas Lumepilve salli oma või see, Fractured Rib (Murtud ribid :D ). Kumb Sulle rohkem meeldib?

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